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Avista Announces Acquisition of National Spine and Pain Centers

Thompson Dean, Avista

An experienced investor, Thompson Dean oversees the daily activity and major investments at Avista Capital Partners in New York. As the firm’s chief executive officer, Thompson Dean identifies and vets potential investments, primarily in the health care industry. One of the newest additions to the Avista portfolio is National Spine & Pain Centers, which is headquartered in Rockville, Maryland.

In early June 2017, Avista acquired National Spine & Pain Centers, one of the nation’s most prominent management services organizations, from Sentinel Capital Partners. Currently, the company serves 69 interventional pain management clinics located in seven states in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions. All of these clinics receive administrative and support service that facilitate the treatment of spinal, neural, and musculoskeletal pain, as well as pain from other sources.

The CEO of National Spine & Pain Centers expressed excitement to work with Avista, a firm with a deep expertise in the health care field, as it expands its network of providers and physicians. Ultimately, this acquisition will allow the company to serve even more patients in the years to come.

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