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University of Virginia Hopes to Expand Students’ Career Choices

Thompson Dean, Avista

Thompson Dean serves as the co-managing partner and co-CEO of Avista Capital Partners, a private equity investment company. Maintaining a number of board and committee memberships, Avista’s Thompson Dean is a longtime benefactor of his alma mater, the University of Virginia.

The Armstrong Scholars Program within the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences at the University of Virginia is funded in part by the Thompson Dean Family Foundation. The goal of the program is to expose new students, who are still uncertain about their education and career goals, to new opportunities through courses that encompass the arts, social sciences, and physical sciences.
The program also highlights the problem-solving, communication, and analytical skills that liberal education offers, and how they can transfer their liberal arts education into leadership roles. The college now offers Scholars Program seminars to undergraduates that discuss the liberal arts. It intends to expand the program to introduce students to an even broader spectrum of private and public sector career paths.

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